Celebrating the NPC-QIC Fall 2019 Learning Session

With over 300 patients, parents, and clinicians, our fall 2019 Learning Session filled one and a half days with learning and collaborating on improving outcomes for individuals with HLHS. We thoroughly enjoyed hearing our patient and family stories and seeing their active participation with their own conference.

Participants joined sessions geared towards data transparency and reviewing our phase II plans. Additionally, those in attendance shared their improvement work to teach and inspire ideas at other centers.

This was the first time individuals with single ventricle hosted their own conference with many of them never having met another individual with the same congenital heart disease. They focused on understanding quality improvement with sessions centered on taking care into their own hands and learning about Fontan circulation while also sharing their lessons and stories with providers.

Additionally, NPC-QIC was represented at the first annual Cardiac Networks United meeting where several of our members presented on quality improvement, family engagement, and the successes of our network.

Check out the awesome pictures in the link below! We enjoyed having all our attendees sharing and listening and working to improve health outcomes.

You can find all learning session materials on our SharePoint site. Registration for the spring 2020 virtual Learning Session (May 15 & 16) will be available soon. If you have any questions, please reach out to info@npcqic.org.

NPC-QIC LS Fall 2019